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Victoria Falls Home Care & Sun City Villa

"Superior Homes For The Elderly"

Zinica (Zina) Clark-Taylor, Your Trusted Care Provider

Aging doesn’t have to limit the way you live. At Victoria Falls Home Care & Sun City Villa, you can pursue your daily tasks and interests as you live in a comfortable and home-like place with a European vibe. Here, you will be provided with hearty and balanced meals as well as attention to personal grooming and hygiene. Most importantly, each resident in my complex is treated with respect and compassionate care.

You don’t even have to pay expensive fees to enjoy these amenities. Do take note, however, that this is a non-smoking and an alcohol-free property. The doors of my facility are open for admissions seven days a week to all clients in Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert, California.

Mission Statement

Victoria Falls Home Care & Sun City Villa are dedicated to offering an alternative to regular nursing facilities. I achieve this by providing personalized assistance in a home-like environment. Moreover, all of my staff members endeavor to look after our residents with individualized attention commensurate to the dignity you so richly deserve.

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